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Great Apartment To Rent In Nice France

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  • It's easy to find a suitable apartment on your website. Your service and quality are so good and always response quickly. We had a wonderful vacation because of your help. I will come back to Paris and you will always be my first choose.

  • Apartment 264 was great. Location and amenities were wonderful. Lots of locals and restaurants. Only challenge compared to other aprtment rental company's we used was the time and hassels of the formal contracts.

  • This is a FANTASTIC organisation. I wanted a week in Paris to take my girlfriend and hotels were all looking rather expensive but stumbling upon this site I realized that you can stay in a lovely apartment for a week for as little as 300 Euros! The location was amazing and the landlords were very hospitable. Elena from Glamour Apartments replied to every email immediately and provided a lovely service for us. We were made to feel comfortable the whole time and it was even exciting organising it with GA. An absolute 10/10 from us. Thank you very much. we will return! Tom and Elly

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